Class Detail


Course Description

This course is designed to show the proper steps and procedures involved in setting upper and lower kitchen cabinets. Cabinet nomenclature and terminology will be discussed, a mock kitchen layout on graph paper will be part of the classroom portion of the class. Shop projects include: tips on finding the high point on the floor, scribing wall and base cabinets, installing filler strips, and the correct fastener location for mounting cabinets to the wall and to each other. Counter top installation is included with tips on fitting and scribing to walls.

Special Instructions

Tools and/or supplies needed: Clear safety glasses, hard hat, work boots, tape measure tool belt/apron, coping saw, block plane, trim hammer, combination square, utility knife, scribers, pen/pencil, notebook and highlighter.

Course Length: 24 hours
Designed for Craft: Carpenters, Mill Cabinet
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites required at this time.
Upon Completion: Your UBC Training Verification wallet card will be updated indicating successful course completion.
Certificate Type: This isa Carpenter Skill Advancement Program issued Certificate of Participation only.
Certificate Expires: No expiration date.
Refresher Requirement: None