Fund Office Update

The following is an update on what the Trustees of the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund are doing to help our members during this unprecedented time:


Today, the Trustees of the Benefit Study Committee approved the following to aid our Welfare Fund Plan participants:

  • Extension of eligibility under the Active Eligibility Requirements:   If a participant in eligible for the March coverage quarter and will lose eligibility in the following quarter due to a reduction of hours, eligibility coverage will automatically be extended for the June 2020– August 2020 coverage quarter.
  • Temporary reduction in hours requirement for the 4 quarter eligibility look back period:  Effective with the June 1 coverage quarter, the 4 quarter look back period hours requirement is reduced from 1,000 to 750 hours.   For apprentices, the 4 quarter eligibility look back period is reduced from 760 hours to 500 hours.   This will remain in effect through the coverage quarter ending November 30, 2020.
  • Temporary 25% reduction in COBRA and Low cost premiums for April through August 2020 coverage months.   
  • Expand the definition of Non-Occupational Illness under the Short-term Disability Benefits to include COVID-19.
  • Provide 100% coverage for COVID-19 testing, office visits, ER and urgent care visits relating to COVID-19.
  • 100% coverage for telehealth and virtual office visits (medical and behavioral health).
  • 100% in-network hospitalization coverage for individuals receiving in-patient treatment for COVID-19.


We have deployed 85% of our Chicago and Lisle office staff to work from home. In this journey, we have experienced some technical bumps in the road and are working through them. One hiccup is the deployment of our telephone system via laptop. As a result, presently calls are routing to voicemail and calls are being returned by our staff. Pension payments, pension applications, SRP applications, disability benefits, medical claim payments, etc continue with no interruption. We appreciate your patience as we work through the IT issues.

OUT OF WORK MEMBERS: Considering a Distribution from the Supplemental Retirement Fund Account? Members should contact John Hancock Retirement Plan Services to request an application for benefits.  1-855-312-2722.  The turnaround time for generally 2 weeks from the application approval date.   Don’t delay!   The number of applications will continue to increase in the coming weeks.

If you have a Facebook account, please Like and Follow the Fund Office Facebook page – Be informed! We are continually posting information to our Facebook page and will continue to update our website with relevant information for our members.

Stay safe and healthy!