Urgent: Active Journeyman & Apprentices

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters’ Labor & Management Committee to pay all active Journeyman carpenters and Apprentices for thee (3) months

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

In the space of just over a few weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has become an all-encompassing global crisis, with unparalleled societal and business upheaval as the pandemic incites unrest across the world. No industry has been spared, including the building trades.

Though business has slowed to a crawl in some regions, many of our members continue to work and have taken on an outsized role in the fight against this health crisis by building the infrastructure, including new hospital space and coronavirus testing centers necessary to provide vital support to infected patients and stop the spread of Covid-19. Our work is essential in the road to recovery and eventual return to normalcy.

Because so many of you are making sacrifices both at home and at work to protect the health and safety of our communities and prevent our local economies from cratering, the Regional Council’s Union Carpenters & Contractors Labor & Management Committee has decided to make its own sacrifice to show our appreciation and stand with you. This week, the Committee passed a resolution to pay ALL active Journeyman and Apprentice members monthly union dues for thee (3) months. Those members who have already paid their dues in advance will also receive a credit for three (3) months of union dues.

Given the size of our membership, this is a significant expenditure, but our members will always be our number one priority and we want to put forth every effort to make sure no members risk suspension and loss of benefits because of the hardship caused by this pandemic. This resolution also ensures that our signatory contractors will have the best and highest-skilled workforce available once work is back to full capacity. My sincere thanks to my fellow Committee members for their commitment to our membership in passing this momentous resolution.

We will get through this difficult time because while we are strong alone, we are unstoppable together.

In solidarity,
Gary Perinar
Executive Secretary-Treasurer